Marble Light Sky / Gold

Marbles: a hard crystalline metamorphic form ofcarbonate minerals. We, like marbles, are formed andcrystallized under the influence of heat and pressure. Through force and oppression comes strength and power. Our Marble collection is created to cause others to marvel at the beauty; fitting for both casual and formal attire. 

Technical Specs

+ White Marble Glossy Cellulose Acetate

+ Reinforced Optical Hinges

+ Light Blue Sky Lens

+ 100% UVA / UVB Protection

Lens: Width: 50mm / Bridge: 20mm / Height: 36mm

Frame: 137mm


Each CG pair of frames is delivered with our premium quality made microfiber signature pouch and a firmly designed box. Each order is shipped in a crush proof corrugated box to ensure safe arrival.